Tarta de manzana al estilo francés

Después de unos años viendo productos para celíacos, celíacos en Instagram o en Internet publicando recetas "de las suyas" y después de hacer algunas de ellas, no por intolerancia al glúten, sino por probar a hacer bizcochos o galletas con harinas distintas, resulta que mamá es celíaca.

Tarta de Ricotta o Requesón

En casa tenemos un trato: mi madre hace las comidas y las cenas de Navidad (no porque el resto no queramos hacerlas, sino porque le encanta) y nosotras llevamos un postre.


Christmas is a time for heavy eating. There is the eating that you want to do and the eating you are forced to do by friends and relatives.


There was a rich chocolate cake in the oven, some apples sitting bored in a bowl as they had been for the past week, begging to be used, and my incomprehensible urge to always make more than one dessert, however many people are coming for supper and however much food there might be.

Macerated Strawberried

We are not rediscovering the wheel with these strawberries. In fact they don't even deserve a recipe and we're sure most of you already make them at home.


As we were shopping for our ingredients, we knew that apart from all the meat we wanted some fruit in the mix. The apricots had been looking good for a couple of days and they looked ripe that day so we picked a few without really knowing what we were going to do with them.


Baklava is probably the most famous Arab dessert there is. It consists of filo pastry layers, joined together thanks to quite a bit of butter which sandwich together a middle layer of nuts.


I love apples like any other girl, but after having apple after apple for several months, the day I see the first strawberries in the market, I´m happy.