Breakfast & Tea

Muffins de Ruibarbo y harina de sarraceno

Esto de ser mujer es difícil. Por mucho que a veces nos digamos a nosotras mismas que ellos son muy simples y que nosotras somos el siguiente paso en la evolución, a veces lo dudo. Darle tantas vueltas a las cosas a veces nos lleva a situaciones que imagino que desde el punto de vista masculino deben ser de lo más absurdas. Un claro ejemplo en mi caso, en el ámbito culinario, es el ruibarbo.

Muffins de zanahoria

Pensando en qué iba a contar en este post me he puesto a pensar en cómo deciros que Good to the Grain es mi libro preferido de… y que su autora, Kim Boyce estaba …con harinas de espelta, centeno y cebada mucho antes de que se pusiese de moda y me he dado cuenta de que tengo dificultades rellenando esos puntos suspensivos en español.

French Toast

Es curioso como todo lo extranjero siempre suena mejor que lo propio. Si pregunto si quieres una torrija para desayunar probablemente obtenga una reacción bastante menos positiva que si propongo una "french toast".

Carrot Cake 

Amazon is a wily and intelligent company that always manages to bring to the fore my compulsive cookbook-buying nature. It must be waiting just below the surface and it is waiting for me to switch on my computer to come raging out.

Strawberry Marsala Jam with Rosemary

Sometimes things don't turn out quite as one plans them and this jam is exactly an example of that. I set out to make a Strawberry Sherry Jam with rosemary, accepting that even though there was no Marsala around, that Sherry would be a good substitution, consoled by the fact that I would at least try the fruit-herb combination.

Strawberry and kumquat jam

The addition of kumquats in this recipe makes it steer away from the traditional strawberry jams and if what you are looking for is unadulterated strawberry flavour, then I suggest you try the other recipe I have included in this post or the simple fruit to sugar ratio of 1:0,75 with the addition of the juice of a lemon for every kilo o fruit.

Cinnamon Buns

Do you own any cookbooks? I do, and quite a few of them. In fact, what started as a small escape from the novel realm into buying a couple of second hand cookbooks on amazon has turned into a very serious addiction. It is true that I have always had a thing for books. Any kind of books.


The British and Americans have their muffins, the French their "madeleines", but Spanish kids would not be Spanish kids without our "magdalenas".

Chocolate Rye Cake

I have been subscribed to Bon Appétit Magazine for a couple of months now and I am totally hooked.  I get home every day anxiously looking at the contents of my mailbox, hoping to see that flat plastic envelope with the new number.

Bay leaf orange pound cake

Ever since I saw this recipe published in 101 cookbooks, one of the best cooking blogs out there, I have been wanting to make this pound cake. Heidi’s pictures just make you want to get your fanciest cake tin out of the cupboard and get baking.

Maple Pecan Granola

We have been getting very serious lately with a lot of cooking and not so much baking, with new years resolutions, commitments to lessen food waste and what not, so I feel like it's time to give you something sweet before we continue on our savoury path for 2015.

Chocolate coconut oat cookies

These cookies are my own try at replicating at home the oat coconut chocolate cookies I once tried in Magasand. The funny thing is that even though the original cookie tastes good (obviously, otherwise why would I want to replicate it?), if you think about it it isn't something too special.

Flourless banana pancakes

Many people say breakfast is the most important meal of your day. I don't know if that's true but what I do know is that I would be a happy person breakfasting all day. I would have breakfast for lunch, in the middle of the afternoon and for dinner.

The learning curve and a cake for midsummer

Just as children learn how to add before they learn how to multiply, to differentiate before they learn how to integrate, every learning process must follow its course.

Banana Bread

It seems like I just can´t leave bananas alone. I have gone the cake route, the bread route, I have added nuts, chocolate, and have even caramelised bananas to make an upside down cake.

Chocolate Rye Cookies

Estas galletas son casi como los m&m´s. Digo casi porque son mejores. Es verdad que se derriten en tu boca pero no tengo muy claro que aguanten mucho en tu mano.